Saturday, January 24, 2009

progress.. er' kinda..

I set up apts. for Terry and I to get our physicals, and there is a 2 month waiting list.. yeesh.. so much for trying to get ahead of the game. I was hoping to have all of this completed before they requested it, so it would speed things up.
Logan and Gabbie already had physicals this year, so we won't have to do those again, unless it takes them 7 months to get to us.

I have to schedule Gidget to update her rabies shot. I'll be doing that Monday hopefully.

We are trying to figure out if we should buy beds for each of the kids rooms ( I've heard it has to be child ready by the home study) we don't know if we are getting a boy or a girl, so I wonder...... can we set up one bed and move it to the other room if needed? or do we need to have a bed in the boys room and a bed in the girls room?
( I know mom....I'm thinking way too much..LOL) I am just so excited and I want to be prepared...and I want to feel connected to my little one?? Is that weird? Having his or her things set up, somehow will make me feel closer to them.

Yesterday was an emotional day for me.. I don't know why. I guess the realization that this is real, I have a child out there somewhere..and I just want to find him or her, and hold them, and kiss their little cheeks and tuck them into a nice cozy bed.


  1. crack me up! I don't know whether it's harder going into it blind, or having already done KNOW what needs to be done and if people would just LISTEN to you and do what you tell them, WHEN you tell them, it would be sooo much simpler, eh?!?!

    Do you have an Urgent Care Center near you? That's where I got my physical done...I just walked in and told them what I wanted. (Jason had to get his done by the Boat).

    Hope you don't pull your hair out during all this... :-)

  2. laugh now Jackie..(snicker) it'll be your turn again soon. :) and then I'll laugh at you! :) Yes, we do have an urgent care.. I didn't know that they would do physicals though.. nice to know.. thanks, I'll call them Monday morning! How are the kiddos?

  3. Hmmmm....I've attempted to leave two comments previously...let's see if this works!
    Thank you for visiting my "home"...leaving notes of encouragement. :0) I'm excited to walk with you on this journey and this is... bringing back LOTS of memories! Wish we lived's nice to share items...I have two of the cutest toddler sleigh beds! ;0)
    We are actually in the process of we are right there with you...on the paper work.

  4. How sweet to be back at that giddy stage where you are preparing for your new child. I hope you save these posts for when your 'new' baby gets older (I mean, ya know, after he or she has actually arrived!). I'll be checking back in on ya because I just LOVE adoption stories! :-) Just something about it that just delights my heart! Great blog!

  5. Well apparently I'm almost as impatient as you are....I keep checking here every day for an update....! :-)