Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not much happening...

Nothing too exciting to report, we are having our water tested Tuesday ( we have a well, and so it has to be tested) we are just doing this on our own hopefully to get it out of the way so when they say it's time to get it tested we can just hand them the results ( I've been through all of this's making me crazy that I have to wait until the Official homestudy update begins.. ) We tried to go get our fingerprints Wed. but they said we had to have the fingerprint card from a caseworker..find me one, and I'll get a card from her!

Am I the only one that things it absolutly CRAZY that you have to be fingerprinted each time.. why can't they run the prints they already have on us? isn't that how they catch criminals every day?? Why do we have to physically redo fingerprints.. if any one has the answer to that.. please, by all means, enlighten me.


  1. It seems so odd that you have to do all this again. I would be going out of my mind!! I love how you are getting stuff done ahead of time! I can't wait to read about the look on the social workers face when you hand her the paperwork!!! LOL!!

  2. EXACTLY....!!!! The fingerprint thing REALLY chapped my behind....I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY...?!?!?

  3. I am just now seeing this, Michelle! Congratulations, I am so happy for you! One of my best friends went through this process and she now has a beautiful 2 year old little boy named Ezra! She has had him since he was 10 days old. Can't wait for you to have your little one : D