Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And so we begin

Wow, I can't believe that I am actually sitting down creating a blog about MY journey through adoption. My husband and I have been a caring home family ( we get to love on and care for children that have been placed for adoption until they find their forever homes, it's a bit different from being a foster parent through the state) for 6 years now and every time I have to say goodbye to a precious little one, it's like a dagger through my heart. Even knowing that they are going to wonderful, loving families, I have an empty space in my heart when they leave.

We have discussed adopting for a long time, I have always known that I wanted to adopt a waiting child and for the past year or so, I have thought about it constantly. On the day of our 11th year wedding anniversary, we made the official decision, sitting on the sofa, watching T.V. it just came out.. it's time, lets get the ball rolling ( I had envisioned the whole thing being a big ordeal when we finally decided to make the first step) I had to keep mentioning little things about he process to Terry and wait for his response just to make sure I hadn't dreamt it. I still couldn't quite believe it, I kept waiting for him to say something like " lets wait until Gabbie is a little older" or it was hard to be really excited at first.

I started cleaning out Gabbie's closet and I asked him to take some of her outgrown clothes to Goodwill and he responded with " But what if we get a little girl, these are cute clothes!" I about fell down.. HOLY COW.. this was REAL! but just to be absolutely sure that I wasn't dreaming, the next morning I told him that I was calling the local DFCS office to set up our classes and home study and his response " OK" WHOOO HOOOO.. folks, I'm tired of goodbyes, I want to bring a waiting child home "For Keeps!"

We will use this blog to document our journey, thanks for coming along for the ride! :)


  1. AHH! Congrats Michelle! Very exciting.

  2. Hooray, Michelle!!!! I'm so glad to be part of your journey!!!


  3. Yaaay!!! I'm excited FOR you! A little bit jealous because even though we've decided to start again, we have to wait another little bit....but we're all at different places in our journey....Can't wait to see who comes home...!

  4. I sit here in tears thinking what an amazing daughter and son in law I have. God has surely ordained your marriage in Heaven. I hope this journey comes swiftly for you and our grandchildren. I know that whoever this baby might be, it will be so loved by all of you. Papa & Grammy can't wait to meet the little one. It will be such a blessed day when he/she is finally here!
    Love you soooo much, "ALL OUR HEARTS" Mom and Dad.