Friday, February 6, 2009

Our first Meeting ( details)

I know I said that I was going to come right back and post details, sorry about that..

Everything started off rather frantic .. our washing machine broke 2 days before and we have been waiting for the repair man to show.. well, he decided to show up about an hour before we were supposed to leave, which would have been fine if he weren't a talker.. Sweet man that he is, I was about to hurl him out the door myself. I kept opening my bedroom door and giving Terry the evil eye ( thank goodness Mr. washing machine fixer guy couldn't see me around the corner) Every time we thought he was about to leave, he would turn around and start walking back over to Terry to tell him yet, one more thing. Finally, he left and you should have seen Terry racing around to get ready..I didn't realize he could move that fast!

Terry dressed and I made the kids dinner and we left. Terry had been telling me all day that he knew where we were going.. guess what? ( can you guess????) He didn't.

So it's 10 minutes before the class starts and we don't even know where the building is. We pull over to ask..and guess what? we're there!! We get to the second floor and walk up to the desk and she informs us that we're early and should just have a seat. I was so nervous for some reason, I was shaking. Terry passed the time by trying to drive me insane by snapping pictures of me with his cell phone, this went on until I threatened to post the picture of him at Gabbie's tea party wearing her costume jewelry and a sticky gem stuck to the middle of his forehead on the internet.

Finally, they called us all back. There were about 15 people in the group. Basically this was an orientation type deal where they explain, the good, the bad and the ugly of adopting through foster care, afterwards they asked if there was anyone who during this talk wanted to change their mind, The couple to my right changed their mind but didn't want to just up and walk out, so they sat through the rest of it. At the end of the meeting, they asked anyone who was still interested to fill out paperwork and to my delight, Terry was one of the first to grab a form!! :) We filled out our paperwork to begin the process and we should be hearing from a caseworker soon!!

We have decided to foster with the option to adopt if the child we have becomes available. One step closer!! :)


  1. I was still all for posting Terry's Tea Party picture until I read that he was first to grab a form! Yay!!

    Have you heard from anyone yet? When do you start training? Will I shut up? Um, no! ;o)

  2. HaHaHa! I think you should post that picture, too! :-)

    And never never never take Murphy, or his laws, for granted...he's a booger!